Picture book review: a trio of library books

Homer the library cat by Reeve Lindbergh

In this rhyming tale, Homer leaves his quiet house and journeys through a noisy neighborhood on a quest to find his owner.   He ends up finding her at another quiet place-the library.  I read this last week to a group of preschoolers and they enjoyed following Homer on his adventure.  Everyone wanted to find Homer in every picture (some kids were very enthusiastic about it- jumping up and pointing every time I turned the page).

Library Lily by Gillian Shields

Lily loves to read…maybe a little too much.  She reads while she’s brushing her teeth, while she’s supposed to be eating dinner, and while the other kids are outside playing.  Then she meets Milly, a non-reader with a taste for adventure.  The two friends balance each other perfectly.  Lily introduces Milly to the joys of reading and Milly shows Lily the benefits of taking a break from reading and interacting in the real world.  This is a sweet story that addresses an issue that many hard-core readers face:  keeping a balance between “reading experience” and “real world experience.”

Dinosaur vs. the library by Bob Shea

And finally my favorite book of all time about libraries.  Dinosaur triumphs when he goes up against a cow, baby chicks, and an owl, but what will happen when he takes on the library?  Dinosaur vs. a sad owl was by far my favorite (what does a sad owl say?  boo-whoo of course!)  The illustrations in this book are simple and bright, which makes it a great choice for a read-a-loud.  When I read this book, the kids participated by roaring along with the dinosaur and making the other animal noises mentioned.



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