Legos @ the library: Lego display

This month’s Legos @ the library group completed a challenge:  make a small creation to put on display!  The kids had a great time building something with the knowledge that library patrons would get to “ooh” and “aah” over their work when they come to use the meeting room or to look at the art on display.

Here are a couple of favorites:

This is a boat that goes through the water, sucking up fish into the tall grey tube in the back.  The propeller chops the heads off the fish before they are collected.

This creation is titled “Knight Ship” because a knight is the captain.

As usual we had a fantastic time creating and collaborating with each other.  The kids’ creativity never ceases to amaze me.  We also had the opportunity to see a Lego robot (built by one of the middle school participants).  Robotics would be a fun focus for older Lego builders…something to plan for in the future, perhaps.  Does anyone have experience with Lego competitions?  They seem like a lot of work, but also look like a lot of fun!


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