Quiet on the set!

This month’s meeting of The Reading Pros was a little out of the norm.  Instead of discussing a book, like we usually do, we shot our movie.  The book club members had already created the basic story line, built the sets and brought in any necessary Lego pieces.  A volunteer from the high school’s technical program came in and helped the kids set up each shot.  Originally, we had intended to shoot the movie as stop-motion, but that was too time intensive for our meeting schedule.  So instead, we will have a shot of each scene accompanied by narration.  One of the funniest parts of this meeting was trying to stay absolutely quiet after the camera man said “Quiet on the set!”  A couple of kids tried holding their breath for the entire period of silence (usually only about ten seconds).  Most of us tried to avoid making eye contact so we wouldn’t break down and laugh.

Next up is the editing session and recording session for the audio.  I am not well-versed in movie making, so having high school students to help out is much appreciated.  The book club members had a great time learning about how to set up a scene and how long it would take to film a full length feature.

For those of us who were not as engrossed in the movie making process, there was the option to create a board game (somehow related to reading).  Here is an excellent example, based on the rules of Candyland:

So next month, we are discussing The Dragons are Singing Tonight (in honor of National Poetry Month) and our format will be back to normal.  When the movie is finished, I will post it here on the blog!


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