Picture book review: Three cat stories

My Dog, My Cat by Ashlee Fletcher features what cats and dogs like accompanied by bright illustrations.  There is only one sentence per page, so this book will be a hit with young children who may not be able to sit through a long, complicated story.  This book would be appropriate for slightly older children as well.  There are many opportunities to ask children questions about their own pets and how they behave (i.e. “My dog likes to be dirty”…does your dog like to roll around in the mud like the dog in the book?) and to talk about the difference between these two common types of pets.

I don’t want a cool cat by Emma Dodd is a tale about a little girl who knows what she doesn’t want in a cat.  I read this to my laptime storytime (for ages 0-2 years old) and they really enjoyed it.  It’s a little longer than the books I would normally read to that age group, but the rhyming verses and cats featured on every page were definitely a hit.  Some of the toddlers came over to pet the kitties and meow at them!  Some of them had cats at home, so it was something they could relate to.

Princess Super Kitty by Antoinette Portis is by far my (current) favorite picture book.  The charismatic main character starts off pretending to be a kitty until she realizes that she’s a super kitty (who can fly, natch).  Her imagination knows no bounds as she continues to modify her title to fit her mood.  Kids and adults will laugh at Princess Super Kitty.  She surely is an inspiration for unique, creative play!


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